When Corkys Welding started out in 1994, the owners had the mind set that if a customer needed a welding job done they would help them out no matter what.  We have always figured out how to take care of the customers and there schedules. Our projects have been the fabrication of a $30 framing hanger to a $2.1 million dollar commercial development.  We have worked in the Private and Public Sectors. Our welders have worked on Commercial, Industrial, Retail, Military, School, and Residential Projects. If you have a welding project in the San Diego area our welders can handle it. Serving the San Diego community for over 15 years with our welding experience we have managed to build Corky's into a very customer oriented company producing high quality work at competitive pricing. Give us a call if you would like us to bid on your project.

san diego welding
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Design and Engineering for your projects

Fabrication and Installation

Embeds for Concrete Stairs
Grates for Concrete Stair Railings
Structural Steel Columns  
Site Railings
Structural Steel Wide Flange 
Steel Joist and Steel Trusses 
Trash Gates
Steel Decking
Special Framing Hangers

If you don’t see it here, tough luck!  Just kidding.  Seriously, We work with Architects, Engineers, Contractors, Owners and other Fabricators and Erectors.  If you don’t see it here, ask us, we will work through the process and make it happen. Corkys Welding, your San Diego welding company.